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Gift Ideas - Afghans

Gift Ideas - Cookbooks

Pay the Cook a Compliment......Ask for the Recipe - Volume 1
Pay the Cook a Compliment......Ask for the Recipe - Volume 2
Asti Punch
Brandy Slush
Brandy/Rum Slush
Cherry Berry Slush
Frosty Orange Cooler
Fruit Punch (N/A)
Lemon Champagne Punch
Party Punch
Rum Punch
Cheese Cake Creme Dip
Dips & Appetizers
1-2-3 Snack Meatballs               
Bar-B-Que Cups                       
Cheese Cake Creme Dip            
Chicken Wings                         
Cucumber Sandwiches
Chocolate Plunge
Cucumber Sandwiches
Dill Dip
Dilled Cucumber Dip

Dill Dip
Hot Dogs in Bourbon Sauce
Meatballs in Gravy Sauce
Pineapple Cracker Spread
Pizza Fondue                    
Pineapple Cracker Spread
Quick Liver Spread
Reuben Snacks
Rye Bread with Dip Center
Salmon Party Log               
Tortilla Pinwheels
Shrimp Dip
Shrimp Spread
Spinach Vegetable Dip
Tortilla Pinwheels               
Pumpkin Streussel Muffins
Breads, Muffins & Rolls
Banana Bread                         Quick & Easy Yeast Rolls                            
Banana Split Bread                    Variations:
Caramel Rolls                                 Cheddar Cheese 
Lemon Bread                                  Cinnamon-Nut
Pumpkin Struessel Muffins               Honey-Orange
Zucchini Bread                                Jam Swirls
                                                      Toasted Sesame or Poppy Seed
Rice Pudding
Jello & Pudding
Jello Ring
Lime Mold
Rainbow Jello
Rice Pudding
Ambrosia Salad                     Cottage Cheese Fruit Salad     Pistachio Fluff
Caramel Apple Salad             Cranberry Salad                      Shrimp Salad
Cauliflower Broccoli Salad     Cranberry Gelatin Salad          Taco Salad 
Cooked Pudding Fruit Salad   German Potato Salad              Three Bean Salad
Creamy Citrus Dressing
Dressing for Cucumbers
Dressing for Jello
Easy French Dressing
Thousand Island Dressing                    
Super Pea Soup
Zucchini Soup
Cheesy Potatoes
Vegetables & Side Dishes
Blender Potato Pancakes
Cheesy Potatoes
Old Settlers Beans
Sauerkraut Cole Slaw
Sweet-Sour Red Cabbage
Bacon & Dried Beef Wrapped Chicken
Main Dishes
Bacon & Dried Beef Wrapped Chicken
Baked Chop Suey
Beef Stew
Beef Stew with Sauce
Chuck Roast & Vegetables
Cabbage Burger Bake
Cheeseburger Pie
Chuck Roast & Vegetables
Coney Island Dogs
Hunter's Casserole
No Peek Chicken
Polish Chop Suey
No Peek Chicken
Pork & Veal Casserole
Salmon Loaf
Taco Pie
Chocolate Chip Brownies
Caramel Layer Brownies          Chocolate Toffee Crescent Bars
Chocolate Cherry Bars             Ho Ho Bars
Chocolate Chip Brownies         Kit Kat Bars

Pumpkin Bars
Lemon Bars                             Pumpkin Bars
Magic Cookie Bars                   Pumpkin Pie Squares 
Oatmeal Bars        

Crescent Roll Cheesecake
Apple Coffee Cake                                   Colonial Carrot Pecan Cake
Beer Cake                                                Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting     Creamy Apple Dessert
Carrot Whipped Cream Cake                     Crescent Roll Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake
Extreme Chocolate Lovers Cake
Devils Food Marshmallow Cake                  Peaches N Cream Cheesecake
Extreme Chocolate Lovers Cake                Pound Cake
Fruit Cocktail Cake                                   Puff Pastry
Kentucky Butter Cake                               Swedish Apple Cake

Caramel Frosting
Chocolate Frosting
Cream Cheese Frosting
Quick as a Wink Chocolate Frosting
Raspberry Glaze Pie
Easy Pie Crust
Impossible Pie
Pecan Pie
Raspberry Glaze Pie
Rhubarb Pie
Pistachio Torte
Apricot Torte                           Chocolate Eclair Torte
Banana Torte                           Drumstick Torte
Banana Split Torte                    Lemon Torte 
Bavarian Apple Torte          

Strawberry Cheese Torte
Pistachio Torte                         Strawberry Cheese Torte
Pecan Torte                              Twinkie Torte
Sour Cream Cheese Torte          Vanilla Wafer Torte 

Gift Ideas - Paintings

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