About Us

Cakes, Cupcakes and Sweets was born out of a sad time in our lives.  However, we have learned to turn our lemons into lemonade - or maybe make cake out of crumbs is a better analogy :-) 

When our mom got sick in February 2012, I had to put my engineering CAD consulting career on hold in order to care for my special needs brother, Michael.

When our mom passed away unexpectedly in August 2012, I had to completely give up my career, since there was no way I could be away from home full-time and still care for Michael.

Our mom had always loved baking and cake decorating and used to do a lot of it when we were younger.  I guess she must have passed that love of creating onto me, because when I was trying to figure out something I could do to help support us, the idea of cake decorating and baking came to mind.

So it's like having our mom's spirit with us while creating some fun and tasty treats!

Also, it's something Michael can help with and makes him feel special.  Any time we need chopped nuts for a recipe, I set up my nut chopper and he gets to press the button to chop away - thus, earning him the nickname "The Mad Chopper" - which always brings out an ear to ear grin when he hears his nickname :-)

We also like to give back to the community, so Michael likes to help make treats to take to our first responders (see the Community page for pictures).

Thank you for stopping by the Cake, Cupcakes and Sweets website.  Please let us know if we can ever help with your cake, cupcake or sweets needs.

Have a blessed day!
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